Bernhard Strobl
Aurain 2
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Englisch, Bewegung und Sport, Werken technisch, Fußball - Schülerliga Trainer

I was born in 1972 in Innsbruck where my parents worked and lived at that time. I was only a few months old when we moved to Zams, which is about 75 kilometers west from Innsbruck, because my father got a job as a bank director. He was happy to be there because he was born in Zams. My mother wasn’t so happy. She didn’t like the steep mountains around there and she felt lonely. We had an apartment for my parents, my stepbrother and me. I grew up in that small village and I liked skiing and playing football a lot. I also liked primary school. Unfortunately, my parents got divorced when I was ten years old. My stepbrother stayed with my father and I moved back to Innsbruck with mum. At the age of 17, I decided to become a teacher. I thought teachers have lots of holidays, they can go skiing during their work and those thoughts didn’t sound bad. Therefore, I worked hard to achieve this aim. I worked in a library, as a skiing instructor, I was taxi driver, a sports shop assistant and had a few more jobs that lasted several weeks. I studied English, Sports and Handicraft and at the end of those four years, I met my partner Doris. We had a baby one year later. I’m very sorry that my mother couldn’t see my son. She had cancer and died early at an age of 53. It took us another six years to come to the decision to have another baby. We bought a nice flat in Innsbruck - Saggen. That wasn’t it, two years after moving we had another baby. I’m now happy with Sebastian, Nina and Sarah!